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Raccoon Control

Take Back Control of YOUR Home


How It Works


Existing ARREST System Customers Get $50 Off



At Pest Arrest we strive to rectify all of the conditions that can accommodate for rodents and other pests to enter into your home. We offer exclusion services as a means to help resolve those larger scale issues that can cause problems from within the structure.

Examples of such services include the installation of flashing along the siding of buildings, the sealing of gaps using mortar or other permanent material, or the installation of door sweeps.


Exclusion and Prevention

A Pest Arrest specialist can find and seal possible entry points such as vents, holes, and pipes to help your home stay secure against raccoons and other wild animals


If an animal is already in your home, we can remove or capture it according to state and local regulations, using environmentally responsible techniques


Worse, if damage has already been done, Pest Arrest can restore your home to its original beauty. Ask about our Raccoon restoration program


Current ARREST system customers receive $50 off the Raccoon Control program. Call us today at (800) 555-5555 or fill out the form!

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