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Referral credits are here!

Pest Arrest Pest Control's fall incentive program is in effect! Check it out at for more information. Receive a discount on pest control by referring friends, family, or just anyone you know that needs pest control service.

Pest Arrest's technicians are usually able to serve you the same day, be it for rodents, bed bugs, termites, inspections, or any other pest issue that may be bugging you. When you refer a friend, that friend gets a $25 credit towards their first service, and you have a $25 credit added to your account upon the completion of that service. These credits can be redeemed simultaneously, and do not expire! You can earn free services by simply referring enough people!

Pest Arrest Pest Control is known by many as the best pest control service in Chicago and Chicagoland, as we only hire technicians that are veterans in the industry, and who have passed stringent background checks. We also actively research and evaluate the newest and most effective commercial products in the industry, to make sure that your pest problems are resolved quickly and effectively. In fact, we offer same day service, 7 days a week.

Pest Arrest Pest Control Referral Hinsdale IL

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