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Mice and rat exterminator service


Mice are one of the most common pests in the world and are found just about everywhere. They’re rodents, and can be very destructive when they infest your property. Prodigious breeders, a couple of mice can quickly turn into dozens. It won’t take long for mice to start scurrying behind the fridge, walls, around the baseboards and getting into the furniture. Mice can chew their way through fabric and get into cupboards and drawers to find food. They usually nest in the attic, and travel through the wall-voids and spaces between your floors when moving around. In short, they are a nuisance.

Why should I be concerned about rodents?

Mice damage property, leave a mess wherever they decide to nest, and are even known to spread diseases such as the hantavirus and salmonella (food poisoning). They also carry fleas and ticks that can spread diseases like Lyme Disease, Colorado Tick Fever and more. Not to mention the droppings they leave behind, a disgusting common sign of a mouse infestation. Rodents tend to be quite clever, making it difficult for homeowners to get rid of the problem themselves. Mice are easily able to find a way in, being capable of squeezing through holes as small as 1/4". Letting disease carrying, damage causing, trouble making rodents snuggle their babies in your walls and attic is not a pleasant thought. Soon after they find a way in, you will notice an infestation beginning to form. For mouse and rat control in the Chicagoland and Denver areas, contact Pest Arrest. We are properly trained to eliminate and clean up, and prevent rodent infestations.

Facts about rodents that will knock the socks off of you

The facts about mouse infestations will scare the socks off you. One single mouse can have between 5 and 10 litters per year, each consisting of up to 12 pups. These pups reach sexual maturity in 6 weeks, and can in turn begin to reproduce. In a very short period of time, that one or two mice that entered your home through a small opening has turned into an infestation. At this point it is critical to get the problem under control as fast as possible. The rodents will continue to multiply, and each additional one of these creatures will burrow, poop, and chew as it goes about its business inside your walls, attic, basement, and other hard to see areas. In fact, by the time you see mice out in the open, there is already an infestation. With rats, the problem is even worse, as rats are far more mobile and intelligent. If you see rodents or droppings, call in the pros as soon as possible.

When should I hire an exterminator for mice?

Signs of a mouse infestation include holes in insulation, missing and gnawed food and food containers, and little black grains of rice appearing in areas around your home such as under sinks, basement, attic, and mechanical rooms. These are not grains of rice! Though they resemble rice, mouse droppings are a bio-hazard and should not be touched without proper protective equipment. Due to the fact that mice multiply rapidly, it is recommended to call a professional exterminator as soon as you see any evidence of activity. Rats are even worse, as they are intelligent and cunning enough to make extermination particularly difficult. Home and hardware store remedies are usually inadequate, so rodent control is best left to the pros. 

How does Pest Arrest's rodent elimination process work?

At Pest Arrest, our unique extermination process is a large part of our success as a company. We begin with a thorough inspection of each building from top to bottom, including the following areas:

  • Basements

  • Utility rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Multiple floor levels

  • Attics

We also inspect the outside of each building. There is no cost for the evaluation, and our trained exterminators will come up with a solution to the problem that lasts. Typically we will leave large tamper-proof bait stations on the exterior and bait any interior areas with visible activity. The bait we use is a single-feed bait that causes the rodents to get thirsty and leave the structure in search of water. Customers typically stop seeing rodents about 3 days to two weeks after the treatment. This time may vary, and may be longer if there is heavy activity or competing food sources in the area. For most services a second visit is performed after two weeks to refill the bait stations, and close off any visible and accessible potential entry points. The rodent service comes with a 90 day warranty, and after the second visit an interval periodic bait refills is recommended, which will help to keep the mice at bay. Our final step is to disinfect the inside of your structure, which, though not required, is recommended after the service is done. Disinfecting your facility not only kills all germs and bacteria that mice can carry, but also eliminates the scent and trails they left behind, and has a residual disinfecting action that will continue to work for months after the treatment is done.

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Inspection is an important aspect of integrated pest management. You can count on our professional specialists to thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of the home, and identify any causes and evidence of a particular pest.


Some areas around your home like decks and sheds can serve as ideal living spaces for larger vermin. We can protect your property by making those areas inaccessible to even the most persistent pests!

Rodent Control

Rodent infestations can get out of control quickly, so its best to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Through rodent proofing and practical product placement, we can rid your home of rodents in as short as a weeks time, and keep it that way!


Infestations from rodents and other vermin can leave some areas of your home hazardous to your health. Using state of the art HEPA filtrating systems and deodorizing micrbites, we can restore hazardous areas of pre-infestation conditions!

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