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Englewood Mouse and Rat Control


Eco-Friendly Rodent Control in Englewood



Pest Arrest has been a local pest control company serving Englewood since 2019, and we are proud of it. Our Arrest™ system provides Englewood residents and businesses with year-round pest protection, and our individual, no-contract services are tailored to each individual circumstance, providing permanent solutions to many pest problems without costing you a fortune or requiring a subscription. We are usually able to eliminate your rodent problem with our two-visit service. This means no contracts and no expensive monthly re-visits. At Pest Arrest, we get the job done right the first time, and we guarantee it. 

Pest Arrest was founded on the belief that Pest Control doesn’t have to be nasty. We utilize the latest techniques in Integrated Pest Management to minimize the use and effect of pesticides on both the environment and on your home. At Pest Arrest, we do more than treat problems. We create solutions that last.

As the top exterminator service in Englewood, Pest Arrest is committed to quality and excellence. We have a reputation to uphold, and we do it. All of our services are backed by our industry-leading guarantee, giving you peace of mind when you need it.


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Take Back Your Home!


Pest Arrest is one of the only companies in the industry that extensively tests new products, and consistently implements only the most effective products and methods available. In fact, the majority of our pesticides are certified low-risk by the environmental protection agency, and though we have a higher cost than other companies, it is worth it. We have the lowest incidence of call-backs in Colorado, and our customers consistently rave about how their pest problems are gone within days. We are often the third or fourth company that our customers use, however we are usually the last. As a local family-owned company, Pest Arrest is almost always able to have a technician out within 24 hours, and we are open 7 days a week, so you don’t have to wait until Monday. If you have a mouse in your house on Saturday, or if it is Sunday and you discover a wasp nest right before your BBQ, we’ll be there.

Our Rodent Control Process

Rodents tend to be quite clever, making it difficult for homeowners to get rid of the problem themselves. Mice are easily able to find a way in, being capable of squeezing through holes as small as 1/4". Letting disease carrying, damage causing, trouble making rodents snuggle their babies in your walls and attic is not a pleasant thought. Soon after they find a way in, you will notice an infestation beginning to form. The facts about mouse infestations will scare the socks off you. One single mouse can have between 5 and 10 litters per year, each consisting of up to 12 pups. These pups reach sexual maturity in 6 weeks, and can in turn begin to reproduce. In a very short period of time, that one or two mice that entered your home through a small opening has turned into an infestation. At this point it is critical to get the problem under control as fast as possible. The rodents will continue to multiply, and each additional one of these creatures will burrow, poop, and chew as it goes about its business inside your walls, attic, basement, and other hard to see areas. In fact, by the time you see mice out in the open, there is already an infestation. With rats, the problem is even worse, as rats are far more mobile and intelligent. If you see rodents or droppings, call in the pros as soon as possible. At Pest Arrest, our unique extermination process is a large part of our success as a company. We begin with a thorough inspection of each building from top to bottom, including the following areas:

  • Basements

  • Utility rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Multiple floor levels

  • Attics

We also inspect the outside of each building. There is no cost for the evaluation, and our trained exterminators will come up with a solution to the problem that lasts. Our final step is to disinfect the inside of your structure, which, though not required, is recommended after the service is done. Disinfecting your facility not only kills all germs and bacteria that mice can carry, but also eliminates the scent and trails they left behind, and has a residual disinfecting action that will continue to work for months after the treatment is done. 


Our Technicians

  • All of our technicians are licensed (not a state requirement)

  • All of our technicians are extensively background and drug tested

  • All of our technicians undergo regular training and continuing education. This is necessary to ensure that Pest Arrest can continue to provide the quality of service that we always give our customers.


Our Products and Practices

  • All of our technicians are trained in IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, to solve problems and not just spray chemicals. Our results are tailored to each unique situation

  • A technician or service manager will tell you exactly what to expect prior to starting a service. No surprises; you will know the total price, expected time, and exactly what will be done before we start.

  • The majority of our products are EPA certified as low-risk

  • We do not attempt push you into a subscription plan: we offer them, but understand that not everybody needs or wants them. Sometimes a one-time service is all it takes to get the desired solution, which is our ultimate goal.

  • Our products and practices are pet and kid-friendly.

  • Don't worry, our products also do not harm plants!



  • We are open 7 days a week, so we are able to have a technician over within 24 hours, often within a few hours. We do the job right, guaranteed.

  • If a service requires multiple visits we will schedule a time at the initial service, so you know when to expect us next.

  • All of our activities are extensively documented; your receipt will include a detailed description of what was done, products used, and a list of areas that were serviced.

Some of our most popular pest control services in Englewood include:

  • Getting rid of ants

  • Termite control

  • Stinging insect control

  • Rodent control

  • Spider control

  • Commercial pest control services

  • Home pest control services

Pest Arrest Pest Control is a full-service structural pest control company. Entirely family-owned and operated, we believe that our customers are our family as well and treat them as such. For effective, environmentally friendly rodent control and management in Englewood contact Pest Arrest at 303.325.7334, or fill out our online form. You can also email us at

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