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Christmas Tree Pests: Tips

  • Christmas trees can harbor various insects.

  • Vigorously shake the tree before bringing it into your home.

  • Look out for bird nests, since they may contain parasites such as mites and lice.

  • Spruce spider mites appear as tiny red and brown dots when shaken out of Christmas trees.

  • Some Christmas tree hitchhikers are Spiders, Cinara Aphids, Bark Beetles, Mites & Psocids (Bark Lice).

  • Insects brought into the warmth of a home behave as though spring has come and become active again.

  • Cinara Aphids and their eggs are often hidden down inside the lower branches of Christmas trees where they are hard to find.

  • The Praying Mantis and Gypsy Moth will lay eggs in Christmas trees. Look for the walnut-sized tan egg masses. If you find any, remove them.

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